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Here are some references to works I have been involved in.

Olympia Odos (Greece) - 2016

Project Management Assistance for Vinci Highways

Scheduling of the opening of the freeway between Corinth and Patras: New freeway of 200 km:

  • Defining the minimum operating conditions in accordance with the regulations in place
  • Coordination and monitoring the commissioning of the 5 tunnels along the route

Upgrading the tunnel regulations for the sections between Elefsina and Corinth and for the Patras bypass:

  • Control of the safety files
  • Upgrading the existing lighting system to LED lighting
  • Fire certification of the existing ventilation systems

UPlaNS Colombier Cornaux - TP2 section (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

Project management with Egis for the Federal Roads Office 2017- 2020

  • Tunnels of the underground crossing of Neuchâtel (16km of tubes). Phases 51 to 53. Realization of works under operation with heavy beaconing in tunnels.
  • Work package leader for the fields of Energy, Lighting, Video/DAI, Supervision, Surveillance and Fire detection and associated automatisms

LAMSAC - Linea Amarilla (Lima, Peru)

Project Management Assistance for Vinci Highways

  • Preparation of a phasing of the Rimac Tunnel
  • Definition of the minimum conditions of circulation in coherence with the regulations in place
  • Progressive sequencing of the operation with a strong human presence towards the progressive commissioning of the operation support systems.

Extension of RATP line 14 to Orly

OPC and site supervision for SPIE on the BT06 contract

  • Equipment of 5 new stations, 12 ancillary structures and 14 kilometers of tunnel
  • Establishment of work schedules and associated monitoring tools
  • Management of interfaces and connectivity with other trades
  • Management of logistics flows and on-site supplies